Limited Quantity Drops

With Piñata, you always have access to a curated assortment of rewards to spend your Piñata Points on AND you also have access to limited-quantity reward releases! 


Every week on Piñata, we drop new rewards, from unique products to gift cards from brands you love. These rewards are released in limited-quantities and are available on a first come, first serve basis. 


How to get a limited-quantity reward

Sometimes we drop a reward into the app as a surprise and sometimes we send push notifications to small groups of users about it. It's always different and exciting!


The best way to try to find out first, is to check the Piñata app in the early afternoon regularly (hint: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are great days to look for reward drops!). We also *highly* recommend that you enable push notifications as we really only use these to tell you about awesome things like new rewards!


What if I don't have enough Piñata Points?

We recommend keeping your Piñata Point balance prepped for reward drops! 


Make sure that you're coming into the app every month for your rent reward, as that's an easy and guaranteed 20 Piñata Points. If you're signed up for Credit Engine, you'll also get a bonus 20 Piñata Points every time that your rent is reported. You can also always earn more Piñata Points right from the app, by taking surveys, referring friends and working with our brand partners! 

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