Sometimes we like to give you a little Piñata Point boost, and that's where surges come in! When a surge is happening, you have a set time period in which to claim AND spend a Piñata Point bonus.


How to participate

To find out about surges, make sure that you have your email enabled and Piñata going to your inbox. We'll always announce surges to you via email so that you know exactly when they're happening! It's also a good rule of thumb to stay tuned into the app to catch these exciting experiences.


Once a surge is happening, simply open the app and you'll see the surge on the home screen with a countdown to its end. You'll claim your Piñata Points and then you'll see your wallet balance adjusted with this bonus! Now all you have to do is spend that bonus on rewards before the time runs out.


After a surge ends

If you don't spend all of the bonus, whatever is left will be deducted from your account when the surge ends. Your Piñata Point balance will return to the amount that you had before the surge.


For example, if you had a balance of 10 Piñata Points and then claimed a 50 Piñata Point surge, you would have a new balance of 60 Piñata Points. If you only spent 30 Piñata Points during the surge, when the surge is over that remaining 20 Piñata Points from the surge bonus would be removed from your balance. Your balance would return to your original 10 Piñata Points.

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