Generating Monthly Rent Roll

1. Once you’ve sent over your initial rent roll & tenant directory, the next step is to set up the auto-monthly report. Ideally, this report will send every month, 24-48 hours after your monthly rent due date (if the grace period for rent is the 5th of every month, set up the monthly report to send on either the 6th or the 7th.)


2. On the monthly report (usually this will require both a tenant directory and rent roll), we need the following information:

     a. Email

     b. Tenant Name (First and Last)

     c. Property Address (Street Address, City, State & Zip)

     d. Lease Start Date

     e. Lease End Date

     f. Rent Amount

     g. Past Due / Balance OR most recent rent payment date


3. For Past Due/Balance/Most Recent Rent Payment Date, what we are looking for is that the rent has been paid on time this month and in-full. 


4. This monthly report should also be sent to

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