What happens if Piñata is unable to locate my rent payment?


1. If Piñata is unable to locate your rent payment (for whatever reason):

  • We will not report your rent as verified and paid to the credit bureaus AND,
  • We will not report it as a missed payment to the credit bureaus

There are a few reasons why your rent payment may not be located. These include:

  • You have not paid rent this month yet. 
  • Your rent payment has not been withdrawn from your account yet.
  • Your rent payment may have been processed but not yet posted.
  • Your rent payment was irregular this month and was missed by our system.
  • Your lease has expired and it has not been updated in the app.
  • Your bank no longer supports your Plaid connection. 
  • You paid rent differently this month (via credit card or cash, for example)

If you paid rent and we were unable to verify your payment, please reach out to us at contact@pinata.ai so we can fix that! 

In most cases, we can manually verify your rent payment through a screenshot of your bank withdrawal or a confirmation email from your property management company. 

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