About Piñata for Renters

Piñata is a rewards platform that transforms rent day into rewards day!

Through our free app, you can earn rewards and take advantage of perks just for being a renter.


What You Get

You'll get a $30 Nift gift card just for downloading our app and creating your account!

You'll also get:

  • $30 gift card on your first rent day
  • $20 Piñata Cash every rent day
    (+ $20 if your landlord is on Piñata)
  • Access to our exclusive Perks Marketplace to help you save on everyday expenses
  • Piñata PRO renters also receive a $25 restaurant gift card on their first rent day and a $50 Piñata cash starting bonus!

Plus every rent day, we donate a meal to someone in need on your behalf! 


What it Costs

Nothing! Piñata is completely free for renters, no strings or hidden fees. We make money through our marketplace partnerships.


How to Get Piñata!

If your landlord has invited you to Piñata, you should receive an invitation email with instructions on activating your account.

If you're joining Piñata without your landlord, follow our guide to creating your account.


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