Earning Piñata Points

Piñata Points are our rewards currency!


Earning Piñata Points

Account Creation

If your landlord invited you to Piñata, you'll earn 50 Piñata Points just for activating your account! 

Rent Day

Every rent day, you'll be able to earn 20 Piñata Points just for being a renter! You only have 5 days before and including your rent day to claim it, or else you'll lose it.

If your landlord is on Piñata, you'll also receive an extra 20 Piñata Points when they tell us that you've paid on-time!


When you refer a friend, and they join Piñata, we give you both 20 Piñata Points as a thank you! You can make a referral within the app by providing a friend's name and phone number.


Finding Your Points Balance

When you open the Piñata app, you'll always see your Piñata Points balance right at the top! If you want more details, you can visit our Rewards Shop and see your Piñata Points history.

If you think that there's a mistake in your balance, no sweat, we're here to help. Just contact us and we'll get it sorted out!


Spending Your Piñata Points

We've got an in-app rewards store where you can spend your Piñata Points on gift cards of your choice.


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