Shopping the Perks Marketplace

Save up to $4,500 a year on everyday expenses!

Activating Your Perks

The first time that you select an offer or go to the Perks Marketplace, we'll prompt you agree to some Terms & Conditions, so that your perks are all ready!

Saving Favorite Offers

We're got a cute little heart that you can select for any deal in the marketplace, that saves it to your account for easy access. To find your saved offers again, just select the heart icon in the Perks Marketplace banner.

Shopping Offers

When you see an offer in the Perks Marketplace that you like, just select it to learn more. Every offer will have a "Redeem" button when you're ready to get it!

Redeeming Discount Offers

When you see an offer that gives you a discount or free extra, the redemption experience will depend on if the shopping experience is in-person or online. If it's online, you'll usually get a discount code to use at checkout. If it's in-person, you'll get a coupon or discount code to show at purchase - we recommend saving these offers to make it easy!

Redeeming Cash Back Offers

When you see an offer to earn cash back on a purchase, the "Redeem" button will take you to that company's website where you can shop. Simple as that! We'll know if you make a purchase, and will credit your Piñata Cash accordingly. Usually we'll be able to credit your account soon after purchase, but there may sometimes be a few hours delay, depending on the company! 


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