Using the Piñata App

Using Piñata is simple!

From daily perks to monthly rent-day rewards, enjoying a sweeter rent experience is so easy! Below are all the ways that you can use Piñata.

1. Enjoy Welcome Rewards

You'll get a $30 gift card just for creating an account! You'll also get 50 of Piñata Points for signing up if your landlord is on Piñata. As an extra welcome gift, we email you a $30 gift card the first time that you confirm rent! 

2. Confirm Your Rent Payment on Rent Day

Every rent day, you'll come to the app to confirm that you've paid rent, and we’ll give you 20 Piñata Points! We'll also give you an extra 20 Piñata Points if your landlord is on Piñata and confirms that you've paid on-time!

3. Shop & Save in Our Marketplace

Our exclusive Perks Marketplace helps you save big on everyday expenses, with discounts and cash-back on everything from popular national brands to indie cult favs to local businesses you love! 




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