Activating Your Account (Renters Without Piñata Landlords)

1. To sign up for Pinata, first enter your email address:


2. Select your free signup reward:



3. Enter your full legal name, and phone number:



4. Create a secure password. It must contain Upper and lower case letters, and a number or symbol:



5. Verify your phone number. *Note - your phone # must be a US-based phone number and cannot be a VOIP or Google Voice phone number. 



6. Enter your address and monthly rent payment:



8. You will then be asked whether or not you would like to receive notifications from Piñata. 


9. The next step is to get setup for reporting your rent payments to the credit bureaus. We'll walk through that now. 


10. Since you already included your rental information, we can go directly to Step 2, 'Find your rent payment'. 


11. First, select how you pay your rent each month (Check from my bank account, Transfer from my bank account, etc.)


12. Click through the next few screens as you get connected with Plaid, which is the service that will help you locate your rent payments. 


13. Find your bank when prompted to 'Select your institution'. Login to your bank with whatever credentials you use to access it on-line, and then you'll be prompted to select a transaction from your account (if we cannot locate your transaction, you will be walked through the steps to manually confirm it). Once you confirm your payment, Step 2 is complete and you'll earn 20 Piñata Points! 


14. The final step is to verify your identity - select the button to 'Verify your identity' to begin the process. Confirm your personal details on the next few pages. Then, you'll be asked to input your date of birth and social security number. This information is required by the bureau to verify your identity. 


15. You will receive a text message to verify your phone number - once you confirm that text message, you'll be all set! 


16. You are now fully enrolled in Piñata and can begin purchasing rewards, earning Piñata Points, and entering our giveaways!


If you have any questions or if you need any assistance whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 





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