Referring a landlord to Piñata

Earn up to $25,000 when your landlord joins Piñata!

In the true Piñata spirit, when you show us love, we show you rewards. If you refer a landlord or property management group to us and they join Piñata, you'll earn a sweet commission!


  • What You Can Earn

If you’re a renter on Piñata and you get your landlord to join, you also get bigger rewards every month, including extra Piñata Points on every rent day!

Referral payout scale

# of units Commission
100-1000 $1,000
1,000-5000 $2,500
5,000-10000 $5,000+
10000-15,000 $10,000+
15,000+ $25,000+


  • Making a Referral

Learn more and get started: 


We’ll reach out to schedule a demo and will keep you in the loop on if they join Piñata.

Note that we’re only working with U.S. based landlords and companies and they must have a legally registered business identity.

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