Is the platform secure?

We are committed to information security. Beginning at the hosting level, we are using AWS and following best practices including using MFA, IAM users with limited roles, locked down security groups, bastions where needed, controlled VPC network traffic with segmented subnets, log analysis, etc.

Our site and our APIs are all HTTPS secured. Additionally all fields in our database with personally identifiable information are encrypted. Our password have minimum security requirements related to length and complexity, and all password hashes are salted and peppered.

We encrypt all key personally identifiable data (like SSNs), and we use trusted partners like Stripe and Plaid which are used by major banks and other financial institutions. We don't store any credit card or payment information in any capacity as these trusted partners are used as a payment vaulting service. Pinata can never see users' personally identifiable information or access bank account credentials. Security and trust are our top concerns when helping our renters get the credit they deserve.

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