Creating custom incentives

1. Log into your landlord account here


2. On the Piñata Pro menu, you’ll see a link for “Custom Incentives” on the left hand side of the screen. Click the text. 


3. In the center of the screen, you’ll see the option to “Create New Incentive”. Select this button and you’ll see a pop-up screen in the middle of the page. 


4. Name the incentive - i.e. if it’s for reporting a leak, you could name the incentive “Maintenance Request” or if it’s for re-signing a lease, you may name it “Signing New Lease”.


5. The next space labeled Piñata Point amount is how much you want to grant for the incentive. For example, you may want to add $25 for signing a new lease. You’ll enter this amount here. 


6. The space below Piñata Points is when you want the incentive to expire (if you don’t want it to be available indefinitely). This may be the case for signing a new lease - for example, this incentive will expire after the end of the renter’s lease end date if they haven’t signed a new lease. 


7. On the next line, you can upload an image that will show up on the renter’s app when they see the incentive. If the incentive is for a maintenance request, maybe an image of a wrench or a toolkit would communicate that effectively. 


8. The next line is for a description of the incentive. What is the incentive for? For example, “Sign your lease by the end of the month for $25 in Piñata Points!”


9. For “Instruction (what should renters do after signing up)”, you’ll want to state what action you want the renter to take in order to fulfill the incentive. For example, “Log in to your renter portal and sign the documents that are in the downloads tab.”


10. The following line, “Modal text (popup message after renters sign up)", will be your response to their acceptance of the action. For example, “Thank you for moving forward with your lease signing! As soon as it is signed, we’ll deposit the $25 in Piñata Points into your account.”


11. The final line is to mark who is eligible for the incentive. Is this for all of your renters? Is it for a particular unit? This is where you can decide who will see the incentive in the app. 


That’s it! Just click submit and you’re ready to go!

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