Exporting Your Rent Roll

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to export your rent roll and tenant directory.

Note * If you are using Appfolio or Propertyware, you'll only need to export the tenant directory for the initial upload. 


2. The columns we need for the initial upload are:

     a. Email

     b. Tenant Name (First & Last)

     c. Property Address (Street Address, City, State & Zip)

     d. Lease Start Date

     e. Lease End Date

     f. Rent Amount


3. If you are able to export all of these columns in one sheet on property management software that isn’t Appfolio or Propertyware, that’s great! However, most major property management software requires a rent roll and a tenant directory in order to include all the necessary columns.


4. As soon as you have these two files exported, email them to rentroll@pinta.ai. We’ll merge them on our end and get them uploaded within 2-3 business days. 



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